What makes a good meat alternative?

What makes a good meat alternative? With so many new brands and products out there, it can be hard to choose. We’re excited that plant-based eating is gaining in popularity, because we believe that getting more plants on our plates helps us live better. So of course, we love talking about how Longève and how it can fit into any type of diet or lifestyle.


Ground meat is a very basic component in such a wide variety of recipes and cuisines, finding ways to cook without it can sometimes feel daunting. Many meatless alternatives to classics like pasta Bolognese, tacos, lasagna and burgers tend to omit the protein entirely and replace it with lots of veggies and cheese—which we love! However, sometimes you really want (and need!) that protein and its meaty bite. That’s one thing we focused on when creating our Longève Original Plant-based Protein Crumbles—the tender, dense texture and the crumbles’ ability to make any spices or flavor combinations shine.  At Longève, we think the ideal “meat alternative” is one that you can literally use in place of any ground meat. Same measurements, same cooking method—just instead of animal protein, it’s plants! Getting more plants on your plate doesn’t have to mean getting rid of all your favorite recipes. Our crumbles make it easy to be flexible and make high-protein, vegetarian versions of your go-to dishes.


Have you ever planned to cook something amazing for dinner, only to realize you never took that meat out of your freezer to thaw in time? What about finding a delicious new recipe but never getting around to trying it because the cooking time is just too long at the end of a busy workday? We’ve definitely been there. And while it’s true that sometimes, great recipes just take time, we believe that quick and easy can (and should) also be delicious. Because our crumbles are shelf-stable and take only five minutes to rehydrate, you can have meals ready faster without sacrificing on nutritional value.


When you want to cook something healthy and you’re short on time, the quality of your ingredients can feel like just one more thing to worry about. And for those of us with severe dietary restrictions, paying close attention to ingredients can sometimes be an overwhelming yet essential task. Longève’s products are great for those with celiac disease, lactose intolerance, allergies and more because we use one basic ingredient: pea protein. Our Original Plant-based Protein Crumbles and our Breadless Crumbs are made from dehydrated pea protein only, and they’re soy-free, Gluten-Free certified and Kosher.

Whatever your diet and schedule look like these days, Longève makes eating healthier, easier.

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