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growing for good.

We're doing our part to help ensure the health and longevity of people and the planet

All Longève products are made with just one core clean ingredient: premium pea protein. Peas are legumes, which are nitrogen-fixing plants. What does that mean for the environment? Less fertilizer, for one thing. Plants need nitrogen, and yellow peas have built-in nitrogen "fixers" that, through a symbiotic relationship with rhizobia root bacteria, transform nitrogen in the soil into nitrogen that the peas can use for growth. And the peas aren't the only crops that flourish; the next crops get a boost as well since nitrogen left in the soil help fertilize the following plantings in the rotation.

Hands holding pea pods
Field of pea blossoms

sustainably farmed.

Most of our peas are grown in Northeast France by generational family farmers who are part of a cooperative committed to sustainability from field to fork. The co-op pairs farmers with local agronomists and agriculture experts, who work alongside them in the fields, choosing compatible seeds for the soil and climate, working to build natural resistance to parasites and diseases, and focusing on greater productivity with the least environmental impact.

By 2025, the co-op plans to achieve:
• 100% sustainable farming methods
• 20% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions
• A circular economy committed to fighting food waste

closely monitored.

The EU has stringent guidelines for their common agricultural policy, which focuses not just on the food, but also on the environment and the countryside.

The European Commission for Agriculture insists upon:
• Strict supervision and tracing of agricultural products exported and traded in the EU
• Strong restrictions on the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics and other substances — no hexane used in processing
• Tight control of GMOs with zero tolerance for unauthorized GMOs
• Financial support of farmers to encourage sustainable, eco-friendly practices, as well as investment in development of rural areas
• Following the recommendations of the UN special rapporteur on the right to food to promote Fair Trade

Hand touching pea blossoms
Bag of Longève crumbles sitting on a counter with a grocery bag

thoughtfully produced.

Once our peas have dried naturally in the fields, they’re harvested and sent to our processing plant where they’re mixed with water, ground into a meal, filtered for purity, and sent through an extruding machine to  create their unique texture and shape. Once formed, they’re dried and packaged for the utmost freshness, ready to be shipped and stocked in healthy pantries everywhere.

Our Protein Crumbles do everything that plant-based foods do:
• save water
• reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• use land more efficiently

But because our pea protein is shelf-stable, it goes a step further, actually reducing waste. Since Longève is stored in the pantry (where it stays fresh for up to 2 years), it doesn’t go bad quickly like other meat replacements do.

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