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Longève FAQ.

about Longève.

Longève (lon•JEV) is short for longevity, which is something we take pretty seriously. We truly believe that eating clean, nutritious food made from sustainable, minimal ingredients is one of the keys to a long life and a healthier planet.

Longève was founded in 2019 when Douglas Kantner, a food industry leader wanted to "put more plants on his plate" in order to live a longer, healthier life. Drawing upon his entrepreneurial expertise, he set out to develop innovative, clean-label foods with exceptional nutritional value that actually taste good and do good for the planet.

cooking with Longève.

Longève Plant-based Protein Crumbles were created to replace ground meat in all of your favorite recipes. Simply rehydrate the shelf-stable crumbles in hot water and use them in tacos, Bolognese sauce...anything that calls for ground beef, turkey or chicken.
Longève Gluten-free Breadless Crumbs replace traditional bread crumbs cup for cup in recipes, and are ideal for topping casseroles and vegetables, and adding crispy crunch to fried foods.

Yes, and we're always adding more. Visit our recipe section here to see just how versatile and delicious our products can be.

about Longève products.

Longève products are available here on our website, on, and coming soon to retailers near you.

Yes, our products are GFCO-certified gluten free.

Yes. Longève products are all free from many of the most common allergens including: soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and shellfish.

Only the cleanest ingredients will do, and we're proud to state that our products are Non-GMO Project verified, certified plant based, soy-free, GFCO-certified gluten-free, and free of the eight most common allergens.

orders + shipping.

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