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Created to replace ground meat in your favorite recipes, Longève Plant-based Protein Crumbles are made from nutritious pea protein and deliver a whopping 40g of protein per serving. Whenever you’re ready, simply reconstitute in hot water for five minutes and use in everything from chili and tacos to Bolognese sauce and sloppy Joes.


What does Longève mean?

Longève is short for “longevity” and reflects our mission of creating deeply satisfying plant-based products that allow people to balance their cravings for good food with their desire for health, wellness and long life for both themselves and the planet. 

When was Longève founded?


How I can find out more about Longève?

Come back to our website regularly for updates on our latest product releases, events, longevity tips and recipes! Follow us on social @longevebrands

Does Longève have brand partners?

We do! If you are a culinary professional, nutrition professional, competitive athlete or influencer, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always looking for people to help us spread the word and educate others on how to eat for a better tomorrow, today. If you’re interested in becoming a Longève Ambassador, please contact us.

PRODUCTS General Information

Where can I buy Longève?

You can buy our products directly from us! We also sell through select partner locations. If you’re a retailer who’d like to carry Longève, please contact us! We’d love to partner with you!

What makes Longève products unique?

  • We are committed to developing completely clean, innovative, plant-based products. We use only pure-plant ingredients and never add more than absolutely necessary to ensure amazing flavor and texture. We shun preservatives, additives, and GMOs, and focus on foods that benefit health, promote sustainability, and deliver convenience fit for all lifestyles.

What are Longève primary products? 

We developed the world’s first plant-based protein crumble product–an innovative, shelf stable replacement for ground meat made from a single-ingredient: pure pea protein. We’re preparing to launch gluten-free breadless crumbs and panko crumbs in the near future, and are continually innovating to help people get more plants on their plate in effortless ways.

Right now, you can purchase these products on our site and at select retailers nationwide:

Longève Plant-based Protein Crumbles, Plain


Longève Plant-based Protein Crumbles, Taco

Longève Plant-based Protein Crumbles, Italian

Longève Plant-based Protein Crumbles, Curry

Longève Gluten-free Breadless Crumbs

Longève Gluten-free Panko Crumbs

What will Longève make next?

The list is long, but every item we come up with will be made from minimal pure-plant ingredients and will deliver on our promise of sustainability, health and innovation. Follow us on social @longevebrands to be the first to see what we create next!

How can I find out more about these products?

If you don’t find an answer to your question in our FAQ, please reach out to us anytime! We’d love to tell you more.

PRODUCTS Ingredients and Materials

Does Longève use certified ingredients?

Yes! We are Certified Gluten Free, NSF Certified Plant Based, non gmo and soy free.


How can I use Longève products in an existing recipe?

It’s easy! Simply substitute them in the same amount as the ingredient called for in your recipe.

For Plant-based Protein Crumbles, rehydrate in water and then use in your existing recipe to replace an equal amount of ground meat. And if you’re ready to try something new, here are some delicious chef-crafted recipes for you to try! Tag us @longevebrands with your latest creation and your recipe might be featured! 

Do you have recipes using Longève products?

Absolutely! Check out our collection of chef-crafted recipes here.


Are your products gluten-free?

Yes! We are Certified Gluten-Free.

What are your ingredient standards? 

We aim to source from the absolute finest ingredients. Our products are unlike any other because they are made with minimal ingredients and no additives or preservatives.

Are your products free from common allergens?

Many of our products are free from 8 most common food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, dairy, and wheat.

Do any of your products contain soy or dairy?


What about other allergens?

In addition to the top allergens, we do not process with mustard, sulfites or sesame

Do your products contain GMOs?

No. We are proud to be officially Non-GMO Certified.

Are your products vegan? 

Yes! We are committed to making 100% plant-based products. Our products are NSF Certified Plant Based.

Do you make any products without sugar?

Yes! Our Plant-based Protein Crumbles and Breadless Crumbs are made from a single ingredient—pea protein–and contain no sugar.


What is Longeve’s environmental policy?

We are constantly striving to be more sustainable and will continue to do so as we grow.


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