Chef’s Corner

September 16, 2020

Longève products boast a great nutritional profile:  high in powerful plant protein, low in overall carbs (but not in beneficial fiber) and super low in fat.  While a nutritionist might be pleased by the numbers, as a chef, I am left wanting more.  More fat, that is! Because in the world of good cooking (and good eating), fat = flavor.  Yet, cooking with Longève never has to mean sacrificing great taste for good nutrition.  Swapping meat for Longève in your favorite recipes often requires replacing the missing fat with cooking oils.  This means you can not only control the amount of fat you’re eating; you can also control the type of fat and the flavor it brings to the dish.  

Cooking with Longève allows you to be generous with the fat and still end up with healthful (and great tasting) meals.  Just make sure you’re choosing high-quality fats, and are tailoring your choice to the dish you’re preparing:  Italian or Mediterranean dishes on the menu?  Let the EVOO flow!  Cooking an Indian-inspired dahl?  Add a knob of grass-fed clarified butter (a.k.a. ghee).  Chinese stir-fry?  Try finishing the dish with a drizzle of dark, full-flavored toasted sesame oil.  Experimenting with Thai curries?  Use coconut oil and full-fat coconut milk for richness and authentic flavor.  Looking for something neutral for high-heat cooking or baking?  Choose a high-quality refined coconut oil.  It can stand the heat and won’t bring any of that coconut-y flavor.  Bottom line:  Don’t be afraid to add more fat to your recipes when replacing meat with Longève.  Choose those fats carefully, and you (and your nutritionist) can relax and enjoy.

September 3, 2020

Hello! My name is Lee Gross, and welcome to my Chef’s Corner.

Cooking is an adventure!  I love how food can transport me to far-flung places and right into the heart, soul (and belly) of a country or culture.  Understanding how ingredients have been traditionally used around the world has given me insight into the historical, social and rich culinary traditions of the planet’s diverse cultures.  This knowledge has not only enriched my cooking, it has enhanced my awareness and appreciation of our shared experience as human beings. 

Ultimately, cooking (and the sharing of food) is an act of compassion.  I love that Longève makes it easy to explore the world’s flavors and traditions, while simultaneously helping people make the shift to a more (compassionate) plant-based diet.  Those mighty, protein-packed crumbles and crumbs are great at taking on a myriad of international flavors, exotic spices and fragrant herbs. 

Through the Chef’s Corner, I hope to share insights, tips and tricks that can help you expand your culinary horizons and gain more satisfaction out of your daily meals.  Be sure to bookmark this page, as I’ll continue to add new entries here.

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