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September 22, 2020 1 min read

It’s finally fall, aka pie season

While we love pumpkin-spiced everything, pumpkin pie isn’t the only fall recipe that excites us. We like to think of autumn as pie season. Savory or sweet, they’re an easy way to feed a party and really, they just taste like home. We’ve added plant-based power to some of our favorite fall pies.

1. Shepherd’s pie

Traditionally made with ground beef or ground lamb, this classic is just as delightful made flexitarian. We love this recipe from Delish, but you can make any shepherd’s pie recipe flexitarian by mixing ground beef with Longève Unseasoned Plant-based Crumbles. Simply cook half the amount of ground meat called for with an equal serving of crumbles. See package for cooking instructions.

2. Chicken pot pie

This is “pie for dinner” at its finest. Whether you’re making everything from scratch or pulling out the frozen pie crust and vegetables, pot pie is always a hit at the dinner table. Using our crumbles is a great way to make a pot pie perfect for Meatless Monday without sacrificing on protein. 

3. Apple crisp pie

We’re all about kitchen creativity, and our Gluten-free Crisp Topping recipe is our favorite non-traditional way to use our Breadless Crumbs. It’s great crumbled on top of apple pie or pear crisp in the fall, but equally delicious on berries and cherries in the summer.

We’d love to see how you make your fall favorites with Longève. Be sure to share your creations and tag us on Instagram and Facebook @longevebrands.


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